Sparking creativity and infusing hard work to the finest details, Andi Landscaping is the professional partnership you can depend on for your landscaping needs and help transform your vision into reality.

About Us


Andi, with a landscaping design background, has had 25 years of professional experience. Andi has created countless projects that received appraisal. Having been the chief designer of the Zhuo Zheng Garden recreation project- a 160 acre project to recreate a prestigious landscape and garden in China, Andi won multiple titles and wide recognition through his success.

2. Work Ethic

Every project involves Andi’s inspection on site and design in order to gain the most thorough and precise apprehension of your vision. Our team of dedicated and skilled specialists brings you master craftsmanship and friendly service to ensure a delightful project and experience.

Our Services:

Interlock and stone project

Wood work (deck and fence)